Freelance Java Developer

freelance java developer london uk

I have worked in the Financial Services industry for over 10 years as Java Developer,  from the beginning to the end I want to provide you a development process that you are happy with.  To accomplish this I will need to discuss your set of user requirements, this will used as the foundation for the contract throughout the project lifespan.  Status updates of progress will be communicated regularly along with agreed milestones and we want to make sure the software we create matches your expectations defined in the user requirements.   Our aim is to build a long lasting relationship with you so that you have a resource that you can rely on in the future and trust to do the job that you need.

Why should I consider a bespoke solution for my business?

  • The software produced for you does what you want.
  • Bespoke software is designed from the ground up to meet your requirements and will perform the whole task, i.e. the software can be tailor made to fit your processes. If you purchase off the self software product, sometimes will only do part of the job you require, and then most probably require you to change how you do business process works for it to meet your needs.
  • Time is Money.
  • Some of the possible cost and time savings could be:
    Manual processes are partially or totally automated;
    Processes become repeatable, and things don’t get missed;
    Data entry can be verified reducing the need to revisit and correct mistakes;
    Required data, reports etc can be easily provided from a few button presses.

Doesn’t Bespoke Software Cost More?

The initial investment may cost a bit more however things to keep in mind Off the shelf software is likely to have hidden costs to your business e.g. changing your process to fit.
Long term benefits already outlined above provide additional savings in time and money.

What technologies do you use?

Mainly open-source technologies such as Java combined with Spring framework, BigData NoSql, Hadoop and MongoDB. Java technologies sit well on Web servers so for front-end development we tend to use web technologies such as HTML5 combined with Javascript framewrooks JQuery and Angular. We also offer Microsoft Windows solutions occasionally when the need arises for client front-end work and reporting using programming languages like C# and Visual Basic.