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I’m a Freelance Web Developer living in London with now have over 10 years experience in web development. During this time, I have worked on projects from small startups to big multi-nationals for businesses in the UK.  Most of my work comes from London agencies so I cannot list the work online, however please contact me if you require more details about some of my past agency work.  I can help your business step up your internet presence.  My focus is too build you a new custom WordPress themed website that will make your business stand out from the crowd.   I will focus on delivering you a clean and lightweight website that is easy for users to navigate and obtain information.   When I develop websites for my clients I always ensure your website is highly regarded by google SEO crawlers.

Freelance Web Developer Services

One of the main reasons why my clients use me as their freelance web developer is because of my reliability and honesty.  I have proven track record of mastering the techniques to get your business high in the google search rankings.  This will require you to focus your effort on generating good quality content.  It is so important these days to have a web presence where people can find your business easily and quickly.


Most web applications consist of 3 or more tiers like HTML, CSS and Javascript.  WordPress is the king of CMS web platforms, the platform gives people the ability to update web content by themselves.  WordPress is a great starting point for web development as you get database access, security, choice of themes and plugins.

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I focus on building websites that interacts between the web server and a database.  The main tools I use for developing your websites is PHP and the WordPress framework alongside HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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I can help you build a website or web application that can help your business find an identity in the world of internet marketing.  Web development is now moving away from static html web pages and heading towards the Content Management System approach.

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