Hi, I’m Mike, a London-based freelance web developer. I specialise in WordPress development

mike hart freelance wordpress developer
Mike Hart
Freelance WordPress Developer

I am a Full Stack Web Developer with over 8 years experience. I create distinctive, high-end custom enterprise WordPress websites for a variety of clients all over the UK and beyond. I am based in London, working both on-site or remotely.

I have a degree in Software Engineering and 3 decades worth of experience building software in various business sectors. I’m passionate about coding and I treat each project as my own. I love working with WordPress because its open-source, has a massive user base and can be anything you want it to be. From a simple website to a complicated web app, I can build anything with it.

My specialist areas include:

  • Custom WordPress themes & plugins
  • JavaScript API Integration
  • E-commerce solutions
  • GraphQL Headless WordPress
  • Organic SEO

My Full Stack Web Development Skills:

Front End
HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, SASS, Bootstrap, GSAP, JQuery, Webpack

Back End
PHP OO, Laravel, WordPress, MySQL, Shell Script, Linux, Twig, ACF, Gutenberg

API Integration
Algolia, Mailchimp, Graphjs, Mapbox, Nasdaq, GraphQL

VSCode, Docker, Git, Github, Gitlab, NPM, Composer, Jenkins, Travis, PHP Unit, Cypress

I build all my WordPress themes from scratch. My two core plugins that I use for theme development include:

Timer is an MVC for WordPress, a templating engine where you can separate data (PHP & SQL) from presentation (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). This makes code look clean and allows PHP to parse only once instead of multiple PHP calls resulting in super fast page loads.

Advanced Custom Fields allows me to build the data layer of the website quickly and easily. It allows me to manage Gutenberg blocks and data fields throughout the project.

I have built my own WordPress theme that utilises the above plugins. This gives me starter code for new projects, to learn more about my web framework click here.

Ready To Start A Project Together?

If you have a brief you would like to discuss or would like to know more about how I can help your business, service or project make a dynamic visual impact then don’t be shy, get in touch! I’ll be happy to connect over email, Zoom etc to chat about how we can work together to best help you achieve your project become a success. My work ethic is to deliver high quality fast clean websites at competitive prices with excellent customer service. 

Please contact me for a quote so I can help grow your business. I’d love to work with you.