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Freelance Software Developer

Freelance Software Developer

Thank-you for the opportunity to introduce you to my software development services.  I’m a London based Freelance Software Developer, specialising in developing complete open source software solutions.  Below are the services I can offer you.

I’m a full stack freelance software developer, an expert at delivering software solutions. In addition I’m responsible for development through all its phases, from requirements, design, coding, testing to production roll-out.

I am passionate about technology and have a direct and honest communication style that I have been told earns me strong credibility with clients.

Key skills include:
• Full Stack PHP development experience.
• Build Custom WordPress Themes & Plugins.
• Strong technical architecture, design and coding skills.
• Focus on understanding, and then delivering client requirements.
• Skilled trouble-shooter, resolving major projects in an economic and timely manner.

My Freelance Software Developer Services

  • Application Web Development, SEO and E-Commerce.
  • Complete System Implementation.
  • System Performance Tuning.
  • Input and ideas for client proposals.
  • Authoring of Functional Specs.

  • Technical Architecture Consultation.
  • Software Evaluation.
  • Linux & Plesk Server Assistance.
  • Bespoke Software, Analytics & Reporting.
  • Support and maintenance of existing systems.
  • Testing and bug fixing.

Click for more information about me. My FAQs and contact details.

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