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How to setup a WAMP stack to run a WordPress Website

 16 May 2016  mike  0

In this blog I will show you how to setup a WordPress environment locally on your Windows PC, so you can develop websites locally on your machine without the danger of breaking anything in a live environment.  Most websites in the world sit on a Linux web server, the set of technologies WordPress uses are commonly […]

how to backup your wordpress website

How to Backup your WordPress Website

 22 Feb 2016  mike  0

This guide will provide you with a step by step instructions, on how to backup your WordPress website. When you want to backup your WordPress site. There are two things you need to backup. 1. Files – e.g. Images, Plugins, Themes, Website Config, WordPress PHP code 2. Database – All the text, layout, content maps […]

how to remove malware virus from your window pc

How to Remove Malware from your Windows PC

 19 Feb 2016  mike  0

If you think you have malware or a computer virus. You will have symptoms like popups or sidebars advertising something.  This guide will show you how to remove malware and virus from your Windows PC. Sometimes you get a PC repair checker web page comes up. Do not touch the website at all. Follow the […]


 8 Aug 2015  mike  0

Basics git status git add . git commit -am “Change default font from gerorgia leno” git push – install git config –global ‘Mike Hart’ git config –global ‘’ go to your project workspace = git init git add index.html git commit -am “commit message” git diff git add . git –version git […]