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SEO Crash Course

This 3 step crash course will help you understand what is required for achieving a higher google SEO ranking. 1. Themes & Plugins Clean and Simple Web Design is what people want these days.  People aren’t that impressed with flashy bloated themes.  They just want to go to the site, find the information they want and leave and to be…

 1 May 2018  mike  0

WordPress Yoast SEO

The WordPress Yoast SEO is a critical plugin your website needs in order to obtain a high google search ranking.  Due to this plugin being a free to use software, it has now become the Worlds most valuable tool for marketing WordPress websites.  This plugin can save you so much time and gives you a strict set of guidelines in…

 13 Jan 2017  mike  0

How to test your WordPress site performance

These days it is very important that your WordPress website has good performance.  WordPress performance is crucial in order to obtain a good google SEO score.  Therefore, the best tool to check whether or nor your website is fast, is to use a monitoring tool called Pingdom.  Because many WordPress themes use more Javascript and CSS files which makes the site…

 8 Jan 2017  mike  0

Choosing your Web Domain Name

Your website domain name is probably the most important decision you will need to make when setting up your website. If your business is new I would consider having the same business name as your website domain name. For example Joe Bloggs Ltd = You get the idea. From my experience and what I have found out over the…

 28 May 2016  mike  0