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First of all WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that provides a complete E-Commerce solution out of the box.   Futhermore WooCommerce is now one of the most popular E-Commerce platforms on the market today.  This plugin also has many extensible features such as Bookings, Memberships, Subscriptions and Electronic Contracts.

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Finally, these WooCommerce training blog posts can help you as a Web Developer learn this E-Commerce Technology today.

How to Setup the WooCommerce Core Plugin

First of all to setup WooCommerce core plugin you need to install the WooCommerce plugin from the WordPress plugins.  Prior to install there are 3 pre-requisites you need to do, these are:- Your e-commerce site must be on https so your users payment information is encrypted and kept private. To accept Credit or Debit cards without having to create a…

 3 Mar 2017  mike  0

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Since WooCommerce released the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension users are gradually moving to this plugin for their website subscription management.  Also, this WooCommerce extension brings you subscriptions to physical and virtual products, create product of the month clubs, weekly and monthly billing packages.  Futhermore you can add sign-up frees, provide free trials or define exppiration perdiods. In addition, here are the features…

 7 Dec 2016  mike  0

Creating Contracts with WooCommerce

Do your customers need to sign a contract to purchase or download one of your products.  Seems like this Contracts plugin is probably by far the most popular on the market today.  First of all this WordPress plugin can automate the whole contract process for you. Furthermore WooCommerce contracts can collect signatures electronically saving you time and money.  In addition this plugin…

 6 Dec 2016  mike  0

WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships allows your WordPress website to restrict content to your members and also supports payment plan collections.  In addition, this WooCommerce extension is easy to use and brings together your content, shop and memberships in one place.  You can drip content over time to schedule when members have access. There are several types of memberships: Sell memberships as a…

 2 Dec 2016  mike  0

Using WooCommerce Bookings

The process of managing appointments and taking payments can be a time consuming task.  So the easiest solution to your booking scheduling is through a WooCommerce extension,  WooCommerce Bookings.  This extension sits on top of WooCommerce core platform which means all your e-commerce payment configurations stay the same.  You can create fixed time slots when bookings are available.  The Woocommerce…

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