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First of all WordPress is a Free open-source web application framework.  Now a mature and stable platform for building websites and web applications.  Furthermore WordPress has many themes and plugins to choose from and has a great community.

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I hope you as a WordPress Developer find my content beneficial.  So you can start building clean simple web applications built on a trust worthy Framework.

SEO Crash Course

 1 May 2018  mike  2

This 3 step crash course will help you understand what is required for achieving a higher google SEO ranking. 1. Themes & Plugins Clean and Simple Web Design is what people want these days.  People aren’t that impressed with flashy bloated themes.  They just want to go to the site, find the infomation they want […]

WordPress Yoast SEO

 13 Jan 2017  mike  2

The WordPress Yoast SEO is a critical plugin your website needs in order to obtain a high google search ranking.  Due to this plugin being a free to use software, it has now become the Worlds most valuable tool for marketing WordPress websites.  This plugin can save you so much time and gives you a […]

WordPress Security

 13 Jan 2017  mike  3

Due to the world becoming a more insecure place, many websites are at risk of becoming hacked.  Consequently this is bad news for website owners because hackers can steal sensitive customer and company information.  Therefore understanding WordPress Security is vital for a secure website to ensure your customer and company information is safe. So there […]

WordPress Caching with WPSuperCache

 12 Jan 2017  mike  2

WordPress renders each web page request by processing PHP code, additionally it retrieves each page from the database.  Therefore each web page request a user makes to your website can take longer than a static HTML page.  A HTML page can be much faster to return back to the user due to less processing power […]

The WordPress User Guide – Media 5/5

 11 Jan 2017  mike  0

This WordPress User Guide Media blog post will help you understand how the Media manager in WordPress works.  While the media manager allows you to upload your media into an organised folder structure on your web server.  When images are uploaded they are converted into smaller images so you can embed them into your web […]

The WordPress User Guide – Editor 4/5

 11 Jan 2017  mike  0

This WordPress User Guide Editor blog post will guide you on how to use the Editor in the WordPress portal. The Editor is the back-end to your web pages and is the common to both Pages and Posts where all your text and configurations is stored in the database.  Furthermore, the Editor has many cool […]

The WordPress User Guide – Posts vs Pages 3/5

 11 Jan 2017  mike  0

This WordPress User Guide Posts vs Pages will explain what the difference between WordPress Posts and Pages. While pages are web pages that are static in nature. Things like your services and web pages that serve as a marketing function would best describe this.  Because pages usually don’t have any page comments like posts, they […]

The WordPress User Guide – Appearance 2/5

 11 Jan 2017  mike  0

This WordPress User Guide Appearance blog post will show you how the appearance section works in the WordPress portal.   While the appearance section allows you to choose between different WordPress themes.  The theme itself can therefore be managed through the Customiser, Widgets and Menus options.  The Customiser option allows you to manage parts of […]

The WordPress User Guide – Getting Started 1/5

 10 Jan 2017  mike  0

This WordPress User Guide getting started blog post will point you in the right direction.  WordPress is a Content Management system that uses a database to store all your data.  This data would be like your page and blog posts text.  The database would also store things like your website settings like  categories and tags. […]

How to test your WordPress site performance

 8 Jan 2017  mike  0

These days it is very important that your WordPress website has good performance.  WordPress performance is crucial in order to obtain a good google SEO score.  Therefore, the best tool to check whether or nor your website is fast, is to use a monitoring tool called Pingdom.  Because many WordPress themes use more Javascript and CSS […]

wordpress woocommerce

WooCommerce Subscriptions

 7 Dec 2016  mike  0

Since WooCommerce released the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension users are gradually moving to this plugin for their website subscription management.  Also, this WooCommerce extension brings you subscriptions to physical and virtual products, create product of the month clubs, weekly and monthly billing packages.  Futhermore you can add sign-up frees, provide free trials or define exppiration perdiods. In […]

Creating Contracts with WooCommerce

 6 Dec 2016  mike  12

Do your customers need to sign a contract to purchase or download one of your products.  Seems like this Contracts plugin is probably by far the most popular on the market today.  First of all this WordPress plugin can automate the whole contract process for you. Furthermore WooCommerce contracts can collect signatures electronically saving you time and […]

WooCommerce Memberships

 2 Dec 2016  mike  0

WooCommerce Memberships allows your WordPress website to restrict content to your members and also supports payment plan collections.  In addition, this WooCommerce extension is easy to use and brings together your content, shop and memberships in one place.  You can drip content over time to schedule when members have access. There are several types of […]

Choosing your WordPress Theme

 11 Sep 2016  mike  2

You should think very carefully when choosing your WordPress theme.  There are many WordPress Theme considerations to think about from functionality to usability.  There are many themes providers you can go to choose your ideal WordPress theme Themes, Woo Themes, Template Monster, WpmuDev, Theme Forest, Elegant Themes and Nexus Themes.  WordPress Theme Considerations Clean Simple Design – You should focus your theme choice […]

Choosing your WordPress Plugin

 2 Sep 2016  mike  0

WordPress is renowned for being a truly versatile open source platform and has extensible capabilities.  Most business owners looking for an enterprise web application platform. Will most likely consider using WordPress as their main tool for their content marketing strategy. So being popular means there is a huge WordPress following, many people in the community […]

Clone your WordPress site to a test environment

 7 Jul 2016  mike  0

Follow the step by step instructions blow to help you in Clone your WordPress site to a test environment. This setup guide will show you to create a new test website on your existing web hosting account, like mine as an example   Follow the steps below and replace your website details with the example. 1. Create […]

How to setup a WAMP stack to run a WordPress Website

 16 May 2016  mike  1

In this blog I will show you how to setup a WordPress environment locally on your Windows PC, so you can develop websites locally on your machine without the danger of breaking anything in a live environment.  Most websites in the world sit on a Linux web server, the set of technologies WordPress uses are commonly […]

how to backup your wordpress website

How to Backup your WordPress Website

 22 Feb 2016  mike  0

This guide will provide you with a step by step instructions, on how to backup your WordPress website. When you want to backup your WordPress site. There are two things you need to backup. 1. Files – e.g. Images, Plugins, Themes, Website Config, WordPress PHP code 2. Database – All the text, layout, content maps […]