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Creating Contracts with WooCommerce

 12th Aug, 2018  6th Dec, 2016  mike  Web WooCommerce WordPress ,

Do your customers need to sign a contract to purchase or download one of your products.  Seems like this Contracts plugin is probably by far the most popular on the market today.  First of all this WordPress plugin can automate the whole contract process for you. Furthermore WooCommerce contracts can collect signatures electronically saving you time and money.  In addition this plugin is recognised by courts and is verified as a legal contract.  There are no monthly fees and you can have as many users as you want.  All signed contracts can be stored as a PDF and both the signer and yourself can be receive the documents through your business workflow.

WooCommerce Contracts

I can help build this functionality into your WordPress website so you can start saving time and money. In addition allowing you to focus on running your business without performing mundane tasks such as this.


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  • Carl

    We have a scenario where customers will want to negotiate on contracts. Possibly amend or suggest additional terms. We’re creating an inventory of products for clients that will need some facility to negotiate on individual purchases. Is something like this possible?

    12th October 2018 12:17 am


    • Post authormike

      Hi Carl. The facility for clients to negotiate on individual purchases is not a feature that comes out of the box. However a custom built WordPress theme interacting with the e-contracts functionality would be possible.

      12th October 2018 1:14 pm


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