Freelance WordPress Developer

Freelance WordPress Developer

Freelance WordPress Developer

freelance wordpress developer
Mike Hart, Freelance WordPress Developer.

I’m a dependable Freelance WordPress Developer specialising in light weight design, custom WordPress solutions and WooCommerce.  I help businesses and other web developers around the world make their web projects become more successful.  My focus is on building websites from scratch using minimal plugins and building clean, efficient code and pushing WordPress to its limits in terms of capability.

So if you are looking to build the website of your dreams you have come to the right place! I can help you create a user friendly, efficient and easy to maintain site that will make a difference for your business.  My solutions are both unlimited to their customisation potential and cost efficient at the same time.

WordPress is renowned as a blogging tool, however it is much more than that; it’s an invaluable tool for creating websites. The user friendly portal allows you to create a professional looking and personalized website but also to easily maintain it, as you can modify, update and manage your website through your web browser. Another huge benefit of using the WordPress framework is the third party plugin installs it provides. In order to manage payments and invoicing for online shops I use the WordPress WooCommerce plugin which integrates perfectly with the WordPress portal and supports electronic payments such visa, master card and PayPal.  Over 35% of online shops use WooCommerce and growing.

I build websites that are fast, seo friendly and easy to use

You can be sure that I will assist you with every step of the development process. I will setup your environment, develop a custom theme or install a theme and create your first set of pages, handover training and perform SEO tasks. Depending on the size of the project and to get your website up and running as quickly as possible there are some pre-requisites that need to be taken care of before I can start development.  Being a freelance wordpress developer I have come to the conclusion that a website must consist of the following 3 categories so that it has the best chance of being ranked highly in google searches.

Web Template

I develop custom WordPress themes and plugins.  Also provide WordPress training. I can build you a bespoke custom WordPress theme based on my theme GenLite which is lightweight and SEO friendly.  In some cases there could be a need to purchase something already made that is dedicated to your chosen business area or subject matter. Take a look at my blog post for more information regarding choosing the right theme for you.  Wherever you get your WordPress theme from ensure its lightweight, responsive, clean, easy on the eyes and less of the flashy stuff.


The quicker this is done the quicker your website will be ready to go.  Create a rough idea of how you want the menus, headings and pages to look like. Define your initial page text in a document. Check for grammar and spelling and don’t copy texts from other sites, the text needs to be original! Use power words like you, free, now or today, new, because. Be funny, controversial, emotion provoking, useful/interesting and popular. In case you need assistance with your text my associates can provide creative writing solutions.

Have your own images ready along with some stock images from sites like depositphotos.  If you already have your own static HTML site or PSD ready I can convert this into a WordPress environment.

The easiest way to get a professional logo is to get one online from a logo generator like designmantic. I can assist you with basic editing on the logo if required. In case you desire something more exclusive then a professional graphics artist should be engaged for a more unique design. Please make sure the logo is transparent with a .png extension.

Web Hosting

The quicker your webpage returns the better Google SEO score you will get so your website ideally needs to sit on a reliable server close to your target audience for optimal response times.  From my experience shared web hosting plans may not give you the stability you need in order to maintain a high google SEO score.  The main issue with shared web hosting plans is that there can be many websites on the same box which could slowdown your website when google crawlers are taking a visit. This will have great impact with website performance and your overall google SEO score.  So the solution I can provide you is 12 months free web hosting on one of my fast and reliable dedicated servers based in a London data center with has much fewer websites than a typical high street shared hosting provider.

If money is no object, the other option is for me to assist you in the setup of your own dedicated server.  I can install Plesk on the server which will provide you with an easy to use web management interface.  Your website can sit on its own with less risk of interruption.  Additionally, you can use it as a private email exchange and file storage server.  Ideal for a growing business, users can be managed through a simple web portal.

 Freelance WordPress Developer

I work mostly from my home office in the London suburbs.  My work ethic is to deliver high quality fast clean websites at competitive prices with excellent customer service.   Please contact me for a quote so I can help grow your business and become your Freelance WordPress Developer.