How to Remove Malware from your Windows PC

If you think you have malware or a computer virus. You will have symptoms like popups or sidebars advertising something.  This guide will show you how to remove malware and virus from your Windows PC.

Sometimes you get a PC repair checker web page comes up. Do not touch the website at all.

Follow the Steps below to remove your malware or virus

 1.  Close all Applications

First of all.  You will need to close all programs and applications.

Especially web browsers and mail clients.

2.  Delete unwanted Programs Installed Recently

Go to Control Panel – Add & Remove programs.

Look at the last thing that got installed, if you don’t recognize it then uninstall or delete.

3. Remove Extensions & History from your Web Browser

Remove unwanted add-ons and temporary files from your web browser clear all history.

If you are using Google Chrome follow these steps:-

how to remove malware from your windows pc

  1. Select right hand corner button and then choose Settings.
  2. Select the History link on the left hand side, then Click the Clear Browsing data button.
  3. Select the Extensions link on the left hand side, then Trash any unwanted programs.

You should perform this maintenance periodically.

4. Run an Adware cleaner program

Click here to download and install an run adwcleaner

5.  Run Disk Clean-Up

This may take several minutes to complete.

Once you have performed this step your Windows PC should run a lot quicker.

how to remove malware from your windows pc

  1. In File Explorer Right Click on your C: drive. Then choose Properties from the menu.
  2. When the Windows (C:) Properties dialogue box appears.  Click on the Disk Clean-up button. (This will take several minutes to complete)
  3. Check all the File to delete in the List box are selected.
  4. Click on the OK button.  (This will take several minutes to complete)
  5. Now you have deleted most of temporary files.  Windows keep System files so delete them. Go through steps 1 to 3, then choose ‘Clean up system files’.

You should run this clean-up periodically

6.  Run a full scan through your anti-virus/internet security software

I suggest you get yourself a decent Anti-Virus or malware checker or some internet security software.

For the best protection you need to use a quality anti-virus or malware check.  Its worth spending money for a good one.  Personally I use Kaspersky.

This may take several minutes to complete.

If the above 5 Steps doesn’t work, try the following

Run Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

how to remove malware from your windows pc

The effective Microsoft Software Removal Tool will find and remove around 80% of viruses and spyware from your Windows PC.

CLICK HERE for the download page

Booting up in Safe Mode

If none of the above work, perform all the above steps again via Safe Mode.  Safe mode allows Windows to boot up with the minimum amount of programs running.

Each Windows PC will be different.  To get the below boot screen to come up follow the steps below.

  1.  PC turned off.
  2.  Turn the PC on and watch the computer screen. Look out for text saying ‘Boot options’. It should give you a Key to press, sometimes its F8, F12 or the DEL key. Make a note of the key and then shutdown again.
  3. Turn the PC back on keep pressing the boot key until you see the screen below.
  4. Once the belows screen shows up Select ‘Safe Mode’.

how to remove malware from your windows pc

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