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SEO Audit Tasks

SEO Audit Tasks

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Once I have performed an SEO audit on your website.  I will provide guidance and help you to implement the necessary changes.  In order for your website to start moving up the google ranking positions there has to be some history of trust between your website and google.  So please allow several weeks for the changes to take effect.

I will perform these SEO Audit tasks:-

  • Website Structure.
  • Check your Google Web Master Tools is setup correctly.
  • Image sizes.
  • Optimal use of the Yoast Plugin.
  • Check you have the correct SEO plugins.
  •  Missing ALT Text.
  • Pages Not Found.
  • Google Crawler site fetch issues.
  • Analyse Content.
  • All Tags – Title, Meta and Headings.
  • Internal & External Linking.
  • Image ALT Tags.
  • Structure of URLs.
  • Find & Report Broken Links.
  • Speed of Page Loading.

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