How to Setup the WooCommerce Core Plugin

First of all to setup WooCommerce core plugin you need to install the WooCommerce plugin from the WordPress plugins.  Prior to install there are 3 pre-requisites you need to do, these are:-

So on activation the WooCommerce core plugin will step you through a series of screens to finalise the setup.  Because the core plugin needs to know how you are going to use it choose all the default options provided and choose the Stripe Payment gateway when asked.

Once you have finally setup the WooComerce plugin above.  WooCoommerce and Products tabs will appear in the WordPress portal.  To get up and running perform the following tasks:-

In conclusion this will give you a basic idea of how to setup the WooCommerce core plugin so you can start selling products.

My Setup Woocommerce Core Plugin Services

I can help you setup your WooCommerce environment so that its on https and using Stripe.

Last Updated: 1st Jun, 2020, Created: 3rd Mar, 2017


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