Using WooCommerce Bookings

The process of managing appointments and taking payments can be a time consuming task.  So the easiest solution to your booking scheduling is through a WooCommerce extension,  WooCommerce Bookings.  This extension sits on top of WooCommerce core platform which means all your e-commerce payment configurations stay the same.  You can create fixed time slots when bookings are available.  The Woocommerce Bookings extension supports for muli-person bookings.  This means if your business has multiple employees, the user can decide which employee they wish to service that booking.  This booking plugin allows you to define discounts on bookings that consist of several people.  Email confirmations can be configured through the WordPress portal, as well as reminders.  Customers can make bookings immediately, furthermore approvals for your bookings can easily be setup.  This extension has a great way to view/update and manage your bookings from within the WordPress portal.  There is also a way of creating bookings through your own process whether its over the phone or email.  The most important feature is you can define your own availability to customers.

Conclusion to WooCommerce Bookings

This WooCommerce plugin is fantastic tool for any business that wishes to save time on processing bookings and appointments.  Not only will it save you time and money, your customers will also appreciate the flexibility it will provide them.

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