WordPress Caching with WPSuperCache

WordPress renders each web page request by processing PHP code, additionally it retrieves each page from the database.  Therefore each web page request a user makes to your website can take longer than a static HTML page.  A HTML page can be much faster to return back to the user due to less processing power required.  Caching can eliminate the need to make database calls and running PHP code for each web page request.  The WPSuperCache plugin can generate static HTML pages as files on your web server when each WordPress page is saved or updated.  This WordPress Caching tool can speed up your WordPress website and save around 20 to 30% of processing power.  Therefore this WordPress caching plugin can speed up your website seamlessly and effectively without any user intervention.

WordPress Caching Services

I can help configure your WPSuperCache plugin for your WordPress website so you can enjoy a much faster and high google ranking site.

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