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WordPress Web Design

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I’m a Freelance WordPress Developer and I want to help small to medium sized business put themselves on the map. Help reduce marketing costs throughout your organisation and improve efficiency. I use WordPress themes as a design tool to get started. I do offer WordPress Web Design Theme customisation but I’m more of a developer than a designer. In my experience building a theme from scratch for a client takes too long and its hard to quote the job upfront for how many hours of design it will take. Using a selection of WordPress theme clients can get a feel to what they like before we can start creating their website.

I can develop and design websites to be attractive, simple and user friendly. I look at all aspects of the design process. For web design using WordPress, these include:-

  • Marketing and communication design
  • User experience design and interactive design
  • Page layout
  • Typography
  • Motion graphics
  • Quality of code

WordPress is an amazing tool in my eye.  It has evolved considerably over the years and now it is just in its maturity, but still current.  WordPress provides the user with very little problems. When compared to other CMS frameworks. I wont mention names.

For first time users of WordPress be rest assured. This open source software called WordPress is the one you want.  It has the most plugins available. It has gained credibility over the years for being reliable and trustworthy.